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Find your unique voice.

Heal your relationship to social media and super‑charge your business.

Capture Me

Authentic identity development & content creation

A fourweek guided journey of selfdiscovery.

What if you could show up effortlessly on social media?

What if there was a science to creating credible and authentic content in a natural and self‑expressed way?

I have a simple philosophy that turns Instagram strategy on its head. And allows you to create a beautiful digital scrapbook where you can collect thoughts and ideas that accurately represent your personality and highlight your unique purpose.

No gimmicks, no content calendars, just you and your perfectly unique magnificence.

You have so much beauty and insight to offer and people are just waiting to hear from the real you!

Walk beside me as we develop the mindset and technical skills that will empower you to show up and share in the best possible light!

Start your transformation

Capture Me Workshop (2 hours)

The Capture Me Workshop is an online experience, guided by Kate.

Heal your relationship to social media as we turn visual content creation into a tool of self discovery and authentic sharing. 

Through a shift in mindset and some basic technical skills, you will be fully prepared to capture and share yourself authentically.

Capture Me Course (4 weeks)

A 4-week guided journey which arms professionals with powerful techniques for a credible and authentic online presence. Each week spotlights a different storytelling technique where you can gain technical proficiency, mindset support and ongoing practical guidance to create stories, posts, reels and even your own bio video!

Capture Me Mentoring

Connect with Kate and other participants via group Zoom calls for ongoing support to keep you inspired and creating!