Horizon ~ A Love Story ~ Volume 1

It’s a journey that will take us to mountain tops, To beneath blue skies where I will remember you forever, Eyes closed dreaming of our lives together. I smile when I think of the sun lighting our path, Hand in hand, we will discover a new Horizon.

Myee Carlyle – Rhythm of her Soul

Wowsers! Cheers to Byron Bay for clearing the rain! What gorgeous conditions. Thanks to many hands on this occasion: April; for her magical home, Alex for her usual polishing, Zarah; (from Dallys) for her courageous modelling, Myee and team for their mystical collection and Johnny for his video work. (Oh and Flissy daycare for freeing … Continued

English Rose

Inspired by a 1968 edition of Penthouse magazine. Yet another photoshoot inspired, planned, booked and photographed within 24 hours. Thanks again to my one and only Alex Ouston who waved her magic wand and sent us back in time. And of course, our English Rose, Felicity. What a professional. Thanks also to Darsh and AC www.switch-foot.com  for … Continued

Flock Stocks

Feather hair extensions! Awesome! Sophie is the woman behind http://www.flockstocks.com/ Check out her awesome feather hair extensions. Gorgeouso!

Myee Carlyle

What fun! I must thank a lot of people for their many hands on this shoot. Esa and Lisa, what great flower styling! (and lighting, reflecting, carrying, fooding, everything!) http://alexoustonmakeup.com/ for your usual magic. Bayleigh, our wonderful model, for being an absolute pro. And Myee, for your beautiful creations and inspiring ideas. To get your … Continued

Off the cuff

This little idea came about during a walk on the beach, New Years Day. In less than an hour… I rushed home to pick up my camera and returned to my right-hand-woman; (hair and make up artist, stylist and gluten free cake extraordinaire) Alex Ouston, who had our model all ready to go! Hope you … Continued

Brainstorm for fashion shoot

The start of a colour and texture palette for Myee Carlyle. -sweet peas and other flowers…   Photographs of flowers near to lens, achieving out of focus foreground. Next we will work on a location for the background, and finally a model that suits this canvas.