“I just can’t get enough of this amazing craft I am lucky enough to call my career.

After 18 years professional experience, I have narrowed in on my passion for one on one portrait photography. From personal branding to intimate portraits, I love connecting with my clients, learning what makes them tick and capturing their amazing qualities in a folio that showcases their special qualities in luminous visual format.

 I am always observing. Watching light play between reflective surfaces, drawing harmonious palettes, following motion and solar flare, and visualising the ways I can recreate a scene through a shutter and lens. Insert a human and BOOM! I’m in my element.

You can share in the connections I’m privileged to have with trusted clients including Sony Music, Gaia Retreat and Spa, Olivia Newton-John, Garnier, Allianz, CoverMore, Ankorr,  Bobby Alu, Kate Miller-Heidke and an ever-growing family tree of weddings and family portrait clients.

I am so excited to meet with you and nurture your vision into a vivid reality.”

~ Kate Nutt – Photographer.