“I just can’t get enough of this amazing craft I am lucky enough to call my career.

Formally trained and with 15 years professional experience, I am always observing. Watching light play between reflective surfaces, drawing harmonious palettes, following motion and blur. And visualising the ways I can recreate a scene through a shutter and lens.

You can share in the connections I’m privileged to have with trusted clients including Sony Music, Gaia Retreat and Spa, Garnier, Allianz, CoverMore, AnkorrIsland LuxeMyee Carlyle, Kus Nadi Designs, Horizon, Bobby Alu, Kate Miller-Heidke and an ever-growing family tree of weddings and family portrait clients.

From fashion to commercial photography, solo artists to band photography, weddings to family portrait photography, I’ll nurture your vision into a vivid reality.”

~ Kate Nutt – Photographer.