Kiera & Peter

Kiera & Peter

Sometimes in life, you get to see true beauty. She wears a smile always, she’s forever happy, her kindness is endearing and her appreciation of the people in her life makes her glow. This special day you see here is Kiera’s, the true beauty who married her equal in the amazing Peter. They’re both warm and lovely, both making all in their presence feel lucky to know them.

There was a really warm energy surrounding the day as the girls got ready to the serenades of Kiera’s dad.

The groom and groomsmen with their cheeky smiles and infectious joy jumped on their rustic rides and biked their way to the Mullumbimby Showgrounds for the ceremony in the round.

This is where the magic embraced me. Beneath the timeless trees, there was a festival feel in what I can only describe as a sacred ampitheatre filled with the buzz that we were all about to witness something special…Kiera and Peter tying the knot under the warm guidance of another true beauty, celebrant, Michelle Shannon. Zing, zap, zip, buzzing I tell you! This is love!

We then journeyed through the gentle green hues and vintage structures of the surrounding landscape for a romantic escape and an afternoon of fun.

Kiera, I have had the privilege of getting to know you over the past 12 months. Your big heart has me smiling that you have found Peter, ever so worthy for a place inside it. Quick, hand me the tissues, I’m just so happy for you two. xx