Nikita & Ray

Nikita & Ray

Nikita and Ray’s sparkling day was set at Byron Bay’s jewel,¬†The Summerhouse. Surrounded by loved ones, they were married by Kate Nutt Photography‘s dear friend and celebrant, Audrey Fisher.

The muted tones of Nikita’s elegant Lisa Ho gown against her long, red locks styled by Edge Hair created a portrait of true beauty.

The experienced team headed by lovely Leela from Your Gourmet produced succulent delights for the celebration and gave new meaning to service with a warm, friendly smile.

Artisan, Charlotte from Let Them Eat Cake produced iced white elegance.

I adore weddings where happiness is love for one another and pride in each other, where dad is proud to give his beautiful daughter away, where the new family is happy to welcome her with open arms and it was just so good to see Nikita has found this with Ray.